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World Class Engineering and Design

Heli-One’s specialist teams of aerospace, avionics and mechanical engineers work closely with structures and aircraft maintenance engineers, machinists and other professional craftsmen to design, build, install and certify innovative and practical solutions.

Our design group in Stavanger is an EASA Part 21J Design Approval Organization, while our group in Vancouver is a Transport Canada Approved Design Approval Organization. Between these groups and other satellite design teams, we can design and certify a wide array of helicopter modifications certifiable in practically any Airworthiness Jurisdiction in the world including EASA, Canada and the United States.

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We have significant experience of the operational requirements and optimization of aircraft configurations. Whether your need is safety motivated or simply to enhance your mission capability/readiness, we can provide safe, reliable, durable and cost efficient solutions to support your operations even in the most hostile environments. 

Our world-leading helicopter modification and upgrade capabilities enable operators in Search & Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Utility roles, Military and Law Enforcement to complete their missions in the safest way possible.  

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